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Self-cleaning anti-fading boat and yacht kit

$89.00 $74.95


This boat and yacht kit come with 4 oz of cleaner and 4 oz of Nano coating, (covering the exterior of a 19 ft. boat not including covers or canvas tops) This product will cause your boat or yacht to slip through the water in a sheeting action instead of beading up and slowing the boat down. The exterior surfaces become very smooth making is reducing up to 80% fewer barnacles, up to 12% more fuel-efficient, faster, anti-fading, and self-cleaning. The product can also be coated on the interior, exterior covers and tops for no more mold, mildew, and any type of fading lasting 10 years. 

Nanopower products make the interior and exterior of boats self-cleaning and anti-fading for fiberglass, canvas, cloth, plastic, and wood surfaces, with no mold or mildew. An added bonus is that this coating increases the speed of the boat as well.  Kit contains a product for a 19' boat. Multiple kits may be needed for larger boats.  The product has a ten-year warranty.