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(OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY) Biofilm resistant and breaks down up to 99.9% of deadly viruses, bacteria and superbugs

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BioFilm Resistant Reusable cotton Masks

It is not necessary to wash because of its self-cleansing properties, but it can be washed up to 45 times without losing potency.


Our self-cleansing mask breaks down deadly bacteria, viruses, flu viruses, pathogens, and superbugs like Flesh-eating MRSA, C-diff, and CRE. This special nanotechnology blend also breaks down carbon monoxide, acetone, formaldehyde, hydrocarbon, nitrogen dioxide, pollutants, Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs), and converts tobacco smoke, urine, and fecal odor, or any chemical smell into odorless and harmless substances. This photocatalyst is three times stronger than chlorine and 1.5 times stronger than ozone, yet has no VOCs.  Dust particles, moss, lichen, algae, mildew, molds, etc. are no longer attracted to surfaces when our product is applied.



Copper/Nano Copper vs Nanopower TIO2 Photocatalyst


Copper/Nano Copper                     Nanopower TIO2 Photocatalyst    


Toxic                                                   Non-toxic


Doesn’t kill viruses                              Eradicates and breaks down viruses


Weakens and stops over time  More potent/keeps strength over time


Less expensive in cost                     More expensive in cost


Has/gains odor                                 No odor


Pollutants/particles build up          Continues to self-cleanse/anti-dust


Hazardous VOCs                              NO VOCs

This is safe for humans, pets, and children

Hazardous or                             Classification:                 Non-hazardous (Innocuous material embedded in the mask)

Poisonous nature                      Hazardousness:              None

                                                     Poisonous contents:      None

                                                     Environmental effect:   None

Irritability:                     None

                                                Subacute toxicity:        None

                                                Acute toxicity:              None

                                                Cancer-causing:            Non-cancer causing  

Nanopower’s biofilm resident light bulb spray breaks down and dissolves up to 99.9% of:


·        DEADLY BACTERIA                  


·      DEADLY FLU VIRUSES (Corona)  

·      MRSA

·      E-COLI



·      C-DIFF


·      TOXINS

·      MOLD & MILDEW

·      VOCs & PET ODOR

We offer these services for surfaces, light bulbs or covers (cleans the air now up to a 20ft. radius), or in

do-it-yourself kits at 


These products are being used in the prestigious 2nd ranked Cleveland Clinic (in progress)


1-800-939-5309   719-232-2129

 We have sold tens of thousands of light bulbs throughout all 50 U.S. states and its territories


·     Household and residential

·     Commercial building applications

·     Massachusetts State Senator

·     Maryland governor

·     Baltimore Maryland Mayor

·     Specific schools in Buffalo, NY

·     Specific school districts in VA

·     Cleveland Clinic, 2nd ranked Hospital in the U.S. (in progress)

·     Government officials in Puerto Rico and in other Caribbean islands

·     Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital  Colorado Springs, Colorado


Please ask for our 3rd party laboratory testing on these products.


DUNS # 117124921  NAICS # 561720