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Nanopower web training out side of the USA only

$10,000.00 $6,900.00
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Web training outside the USA only:



Training will be provided by Jeff Thompson, a qualified Sales Trainer and Product Technician.  Training will include:


1. Proper cleaning techniques for multiple surfaces

2. Proper installation of Nanopower products on wood, stucco, drywall, flooring, granite, marble, glass, solar panels, metals, concrete, etc.

3. Demonstrations of proper equipment use, including buffer, HLVP sprayer, compressor hose, scraper, and towels

4.  Presentation of the provided sales materials and Powerpoint documents

5.  Advertising techniques

6. How to use and install all nanotechnology products

7. Product cost for training is $1875.00 that includes Nano SG-1, Nano SG-    2, Nano SC, Nano Prep, Nano Primer. Retail sales of $40,000



Hands-on spray technician training is limited to 3 individuals, however, there is no limit to the number of people who can be trained for product knowledge and sales information.


Cost for training is $2,900.00 for a distributorship outside the USA that is not taken. Payment is non-refundable after training starts, due to the divulging of proprietary information. Digital recording of picture or voice is prohibited.