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Inspect both food service trailers for Nanopower installation 

Clean both exteriors 

Install Nano SG-2 0n the exteriors of the trailers including the wheels

Clean the interiors of both food service trailers

Install Nano SG-2 on the interiors of the counters, walls, lights, floors and stainless steel surfaces

The trailer photo's will be used for promotional material in the food service industry along with the self-cleaning light bulb industry

The cost for the labor and material has been cut in half for these Promotional purposes

Provide insurances while on the projects

Regular price for material and labor is $7,600.00 - $3,800.00, total cost is $3,800.00

Installation of Nanopower will be at the customers request in California

This project must be ordered before December 31st 2018 for this pricing and can be installed at a later date in 2019