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2-Safety Guard LED lights

$90.00 $68.99


Emergency Preparedness Light (includes 2 lights, 2 solar panels, 2 remotes)

Our light bulb is coated with Nanopower new and improved special proprietary self-cleaning technology that will break down and dissolve molds, mildews, VOC's, paint, smoke, pet odor as well 99.9% deadly bacteria and viruses. 

The solar panel is coated with Nanopower SC self-cleaning product used on solar panels throughout the world and has been proven with published engineer's reports. This allows more absorption and charges your light bulbs fast.

Dual charger, charges from the light socket or the solar panel.

The light bulb can charge a cell phone from a 5 volt output USB port up to 9 hours.

This is equipped with a powerful lithium battery that will last up for 20 hours of lighting.

Warranty covers 5 years on parts, 10 years on coatings and 1 year no hassle