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How We Got Started

For the past ten years, Nanopower international LLC. has been developing product knowledge and installation techniques for our TIO2 Nanotechnology coatings. We are often consulted by distributors worldwide about proper installation training.    

These products make surfaces like glass, buildings, boats, airplanes, autos, flooring, kitchens, awnings and bathrooms self-cleaning, anti-fading, anti-staining, and 99.9% bacteria-free for 10 years, or 20 years for buildings and solar panels. We have a proven track record of the success of our products for over 10 years. This is the longest warranty available from any company in the industry because we are confident in the results we have had.  With the application of our products, solar panels become more absorbent and increase efficiency by 35%. In addition, maintenance costs are drastically reduced, since the surfaces are self-cleaning. With aircraft, automobiles, boats, and other vehicles, efficiency increases up to 12% on fuel, and speed is increased as well. Again, another bonus is little to no maintenance costs with Nanopower's self-cleaning products.

     Nanopower SG1 breaks down and dissolves 99.9% of molds, mildews, toxins, pollutants, infestations, flu viruses, and deadly bacteria such as Staph, MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, C-Diff, and other superbugs. Even with all the things our products can do, these are EXTREME GREEN products and have close to no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We are certified and the products even clean up the environment. When this product is applied to light bulbs, the exterior of buildings, solar panels, or vehicles, it cleans the air of toxins and pollutants up to a ten-foot radius.